Sequent Information Systems, LLC is a locally owned and operated company based in Grand Junction, Colorado. We have been in business for over 13 years now.

Sequent's goal is to offer the highest level of customer service to the Grand Valley and surrounding areas while providing  businesses with the tools and services needed for the effective and efficient communications.


Sequent specializes in a hosted IP telephony phone system, data and voice network consulting, high speed internet, intrusion detection, system maintenance, spam and virus filtering and DSL, T1, Fiber, and Ethernet circuits.

We have strengthened our position as an industry leader, which enables us to better provide you with the tools and service you need for your business communications.

The following are just a few things that Sequent can provide:

  • Continuing support of your current phone system (Avaya, Vodavi)
  • E-mail hosting with Spam & Virus Protection
  • IT Maintenance
  • Hosted Cisco IP Telephony Phone system
  • Network Co-location
  • Network Maintenance
  • Process of Data Destruction Services is a detailed report of the media sanitization and/or physical hard drive destruction including serial numbers to insure an audit trail of all media. Chain of Custody upon request Video recording of the shedding process along with video of each drive's serial number.